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I still remember, back in July 2020, when it had been more than 1-year doing blogging, I saw a post in my Insta feed, “BurnerBits Meme Competition”. It was a marketing campaign by Tech Burner Team. Yeah, the Indian tech YouTuber Shlok Shrivastava, is the guy who can literally supply energy to the whole YouTube space. So, story par waapas aate hai. So, I didn’t think of anything and I participated in that. I started posting memes on my Insta profile. And I wasn’t expecting it but I won the competition. I got a prize worth 2K.

I know, it’s not a big amount. But just think about it. That day I realized that there is a thing called meme-marketing. Then I started learning about Social Media Marketing & Advertising. I learned that there is a million-dollar meme industry that is booming.

Nowadays, memes travel faster than light. Memes are not just an image with a few lines. Memes are the language of the new generation on the Internet.

Every brand/new startup you can think of is using meme-marketing: Swiggy, Zomato, Paytm, Fevicol, Cred Club, even Mumbai Police, and many more.

So then I thought that I’m into tech, and I have experience in content writing. Then why not solve a problem!

Like nowadays everyone loves to watch videos. And theek iska ulta, it seems boring to read an article, hai n!? So I decided to make it entertaining. I thought to mix memes with tech articles. And that’s how TechKundali ka janam huaa. We have mixed our website’s every corner with memes.

Our Kick-Ass Team

Priyanshu Kumar TechKundali

Priyanshu Kumar

Founder & Lead Author

Bole to crush bhav nahi deti to apun ab Computers se pyar karta hai.

Anirban Content Head


Social Media Content Head

Don’t think too much about me. Mai social media pe aata hu, webpage pe nahi.

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