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Send and Receive SMS from your PC, just like WhatsApp Web!

Yup, you read it right! You can actually send and receive SMS from a web browser, just like WhatsApp Web!

So mostly what happens is that you’re working on your PC and suddenly you have to check your smartphone to read an OTP or any message, right?

But if you’re using the “Google Messages” app then you can easily connect the app to your PC using a web browser just by scanning a QR code!

How to Use Messages for Web?

So first of all open the “Google Messages” app on your phone (make sure you’re using the latest version). Tap on the “three-dot” menu (Kebab menu ui icon 1.svg) and choose “Messages for Web” or “Device Pairing“. Here you can see the “QR code scanner”.

Google Messages for Web - QR Code Pair - Android

Now open on your PC and scan the QR code with your smartphone.

Google Messages for Web in Web Browser

After scanning the QR code, the Google Messages app will be paired to your web browser.

Now you can view, send, and receive SMS from your PC, just like WhatsApp Web!

Google Messages App Paired on a PC via Web Browser.
Okay, number guess karle vro 🙂

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How to Unpair Login Devices from Messages Web?

Now to view and log out from the devices you have logged in through Messages Web, tap on the “three-dot” menu and choose “Device pairing“. Now here you can see all the paired devices, just tap on the cross icon next to the device’s name to unpair from that device.

Google Messages - Paired Devices

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